Is Thailand planning on welcoming tourists back?  


Thailand may scrap its two-week mandatory quarantine for foreign visitors with proof of COVID-19 vaccination as the nation seeks to revive its pandemic-hit tourism industry.


Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha said this week that his government is considering allowing visitors who have had an approved vaccine and was in possession of a vaccine passport to skip the current mandatory  quarantine and authorities would come up with a plan to track them while in the kingdom.

The new plan to ease rules for tourists is a major change in stance after months of insisting all visitors must stay in quarantine in the absence of enough evidence that inoculations can prevent virus transmission. If given the go ahead it would provide a huge boost to the tourism sector that contributes about 20% to the nation’s economy pre covid. Last year tourism revenue dropped by 85% as the number of tourists dropped from 39 million visitors in 2019 to 7 million.

Thailand has kept there covid  infections to just 25000 infections and 83 fatalities by closing its borders.


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