Orlando, US – San Juan, Puerto Rico named world’s busiest route


Last month, Dubai to London Heathrow took out the top spot, but new travel restrictions from the UK government after a  huge increase in Covid cases means it has dropped to 22nd as the most travelled routes worldwide.

In April it has been replaced at the top by Orlando USA – San Juan Puerto Rico.

The route from Florida to the American territory sold more than 135,000 seats, according to business and aviation analytics firm OAG.

Because US citizens don’t need a passport to visit between the two cities, the three-hour journey from Orlando to the capital of Puerto Rico is still classed by OAG as international.


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With Orlando being the home of Walt Disney World Resort, and Puerto Rico a popular holiday spot for Americans wanting to take in the Caribbean, it’s not surprising that the route has become the most frequented in 2021.


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